ScubaRadio Tanksgiving in Fiji!

While barbequed mermaid appeared to be the catch of the day, our hosts for ScubaRadio Tanksgiving opted for more traditional fare of turkey and stuffing to celebrate this 1st time event at Matava resort in Fiji. Paying $150 to import a turkey to Fiji was just one of the many extras the crew at Matava did to exceed our already high expectations of this award winning eco resort on the island of Kadavu. Add music from the Scuba Cowboy, exceptional talent from the local village, the ScubaRadio Mermaids, and a magical moment with Mantas just off shore, and you'll understand why an amazing adventure was had by all. They even closed the doors early one day at the local village school so we could share our experience (and ScubaRadio mermaids) with the village children. Our ScubaRadio visit basically gave the school kids a snow day in Fiji! So if leaving only footprints and bubbles, but taking home a lifetime of memories appeals to you, consider Matava Eco resort for your next dive adventure in Fiji. The headmaster from the local school described Matava as “the way the world should be.”………….we think he just may be on to something…..:-) Here about our adventure at Matava on the 11-27-10 editon of ScubaRadio!

The second half of our Fijian holiday adventure had us flying back to Nadi and driving a couple hours northwest to Raki Raki for another visit with our friends at Volivoli beach resort. This family run operation is so easy to get to and has everything you could possibly want in a full service dive resort. Their dive boats are some of best we've experienced anywhere and it even snowed for us on one dive….OK, it was coral spawn that looked like it was snowing underwater….but perfect for this time of year! And while it is the exceptional diving that draws people from around the world to this area, the Darling family are what really make a trip to Volivoli special. These owner operators originally from New Zealand know the area like no other and love to share their knowledge (and beer) with guests. Come to Volivoli and you'll experience some of the best diving on the planet. However, pack an extra liver if you hope to survive the Darling brothers!…..;-) Here all the play-by-play from Volivoli on the 12-4-10 editon of ScubaRadio!