Got any good Single Scott Stories?….please share them here!

IMG_0547.JPG ….and tune into the June 16th edition of ScubaRadio for a special celebration of Scott's life. You can also view pictures from his time on ScubaRadio by clicking here.

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6 Replies to “Got any good Single Scott Stories?….please share them here!”

  1. I still have the bottle of “new skin” Scott gave me when we were diving with Coral Caverns in Andros, Bahamas. In my drunken stupor I was stumbling across the dock on the way to the pool when I drove a toothpick sized splinter deep into my foot. After several failed attempts to extract it Scott offered me some liquid bandage which helped seal it until I could get stateside.
    Not only was Scott always prepared, he was also willing to lend a hand to those of us who were not. His laugh was infectious and his penchant for diving deep was impressive. I miss you Scotty and look forward to playing “catch up” when my time comes.

    p.s. “Hey Jesus, keep an eye on Scott. He will most likely ascend way above the other angels when you are not looking. He is tricky like that:-)”

  2. Scott – How I will miss you!! … your laugh, your smile, your kind heartedness, and hearing your voice totally unexpectedly every now and then. I was there for the creation of ‘Single Scott,’ which was also the first time I met you – and what a great time that whole endeavor was for so many. Whenever I think of you, I smile and then laugh and – for now become a bit sad but only for selfish reasons. Wish I could be a part of just one or two more dives with you…yet in many ways you will always be with me when I dive…hope I don’t recall one of those times that make me laugh so hard I blow a reg outta’ my mouth…
    Miss You Tons!!!

  3. A generous soul! I don’t think we ever dived together, but I know I’ll always think of him whenever I go to a Rays game…

  4. Scott,

    Miss ya buddy! One of many stories but I popped up once (low on air) to make my way back to the dive boat in Turks and Caicos, and Scott followed me up to make sure I was okay. I was pretty close, so no problems but I’ll never forget the gesture. Also, Scott used to LOVE to “bounce down” as deep as he could… and loved to playfully let you know he was deeper than you were. 🙂 I nick named him a “depth whore”, he seemed to like that. And I think if there is one thing I will remember about Scott, it’s a life lesson, to always enjoy each and every dive for the gift that it is. Good times, huge laughs, and great diving. He was one of a kind.

  5. Just read about Scott………….Began diving with Scott years ago long before Scuba Radio……He really found his niche there……..funny…..kind….caring…….lived and loved life to the max…..My Scuba Radio hat(a gift from him on one of the Scuba Radio trips) blew off my head while sailing the Atlantic recently……..guess he wanted it back…….”gunna” miss him…….

  6. My friend Joe and I met Scott on our trip to Cozumel in April of this year. We all stayed at the same resort. We did not have the pleasure of diving with him as we did not all connect until we were checking out. We all shared a cab to the airport. When we all got there, we were hastled by the Mexican border agents, as were almost every other passenger, and found out that our plane was cancelled for mechanical reasons. I thought that Joe was about to hit someone. Scott took it all in stride. We were able to talk and exchange tales and stories for several hours until we were all able to fly back to the States. I am sorry we lost Scott. He seemed like a genually good person, and had found what must have been the perfect gig. So ,long “Scuba Scott” God’s speed

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