ScubaRadio at 40th anniversary of Beneath the Sea…and our 19th!

Join ScubaRadio, the ScubaRadio mermaids, and The Scuba Cowboy April 2-3 at Beneath the Sea! It's BTS's 40th year and also coincides with ScubaRadio's 19th year anniversary. Look for the ScubaRadio crew at the entrance each morning as we celebrate with lots of great giveaways including a Saba-St Kitts liveaboard cruise with Explorer Ventures, Abingdon Dive Watches, Polar Pro underwater lighting products, UZZI, Reef Safe Suncere, Nanuk protective cases, Tiki Toss games, Allett Wallets, Magic Massage units, and even some cool swag from Divers Alert Network …. This is kind of a big deal, so make sure to get to BTS early this year!

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