Monday, April 24th, 2017

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Greg The Divemaster plans 1st dive after open heart surgery at DEMA show 2016!


gregdave_gdnpoolAfter an extended surface interval due to surprise open heart bypass surgery on August 6th 2016, Greg The Divemaster is returning to diving and asks you to be his buddy!

The dive is planned for the 1st day of the DEMA show in Las Vegas 3pm at the pool. Get in with Greg or join him by the pool for the ultimate selfie! We'll share it with the world to show scuba diving is possible regardless of the challenges life throws your way.

This will be one of the many special events featured on 1000th episode of ScubaRadio, which will be recorded during DEMA 2016.

125x125-v-p-bannerDiveHeartRegardless of whether you can make it in person, show your support by posting your own thumbs-up photo with hashtag #ScubaRadio. Also consider downloading Vivid-Pix PC or Mac Software to enhance your photos. Now through the end of 2016, use coupon code ScubaRadioDH to get 10% off and know Vivid-Pix will donate 10% of your purchase to!


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