Friday, December 15th, 2017

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Here’s a link to the detailed version of what happened to me: Here’s a link to Eric Douglas’s series of articles on Heart Disease and Diving. Here’s a link to some excellent information about the Heart and Diving from Divers Alert Network.

Mehgan is a good friend of ScubaRadio (check out the her latest appearance here) and we have seen an advance screening of “Treasure Quest.” Diving, treasure hunting, Indiana Jones kinda of stuff….great show we think you will like!  

This is what happens when my surface interval goes too long!

Go see this film…loved it! A lot of people have said James Cameron and I look alike. This did not influence my positive opinion of the film. However, he is obviously one handsome man. 😉

Scuba Nation did a good job capturing some of the fun we had in the Bahamas at Deep Water Cay in February 2014.

So I really don’t like these type of lists, because I honestly believe you can find great diving anywhere you go. Sure, some areas may be better for this or that type of diving or marine life, but it all comes down to personal diving preference. However, I have been asked to put this particular list together […]

So now through Wednesday 12/4/13 at midnight, get 50% off ScubaRadio shirts, hats, CDs and DVDs…plus free shipping on orders over $15! Just use coupon code “SANTA” at check out!

This video was shot in the Maldives while diving on the Carpe Vita liveaboard with Explorer Ventures May 2013. It was shot exclusively with GoPro cameras using Polar Pro filters and Light and Motion SOLA video lights. This is behind the scenes footage to show how and what we used to capture the underwater shots for the music video, “Diver Down.” Just […]

‘Shark whisperers’ lull ocean predators into trance  …congrats to our shark lovin’ friend! 🙂

That’s funny….I don’t care who you are. 😉