Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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ScubaTunes Music samples



Volume 1-The Pool Sessions




Cut #3 is our favorite, but you will like them all!

1. Blackened Fish Sandwich Win Mp3
2. Hi-Tech Diver Win Mp3
3. ScubaRadio Win Mp3
4. The Parrothead
Win Mp3
5. Wreck(ed) Diver Win Mp3
6. Scuba Joe Win Mp3
7. Today Is The Day Win Mp3
8. Skip The One-Legged
Shark Diver
Win Mp3
9. I Learned My
Win Mp3
10. Is That A
Moray In Your Pocket…?
Win Mp3


Volume 2-Check Out Dive


The second volume of music written
exclusively with divers in mind!

1. Welcome to Jamaica Mp3
2. Close encounters
of the wet kind
3. Bomba shack Mp3
4. Scubaholic Mp3
5. Calypso Mp3
6. Wings Mp3
7. The whole island
8. New paradise Mp3
9. Scuba Joe (Part
10. Catch a puff Mp3


Twenty original songs written exclusively with divers in mind! Recorded by Eric Stone and Steve Hendrickson with some of Nashvilles' top studio musicians. This is real toe tappin' stuff and Volume 1 includes the song “ScubaRadio”…(inspired by the show of the same name….;-)
Price: $14.99 per Compact Disc
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