Greg The Divemaster and ScubaRadio Mermaids on ice?

You never know what you might see this year at the 40th anniversary of Our World Underwater in Chicago. However, ScubaRadio guarantees mermaids, live music with the Scuba Cowboy, and several big giveaways….including your chance to win a free spot on the next ScubaRadio ScubaCruise in the Turks and Caicos with Explorer Ventures liveaboards July 31 – August 7, 2010! It all happens February 19-21 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL.

2 Replies to “Greg The Divemaster and ScubaRadio Mermaids on ice?”

  1. I am a Scuba Diver. Gonna try and listen to your show today. I am always ALL EARS when it comes to this subject. I understand Neptuner or PUP, a musician and fellow member will be on. I will stop by your booth at the Show and say Hello. Your site shows-24/7. Does that mean you have previously recorded shows available and you should be able to listen any time? Wish I could slide into your Job/FINS..Greg

  2. Hey, Greg! have not “chatted” with you since DEMA here in FL. I know you are following this BP fiasco – aren’t we all. Now we are watching the “two step” denial dance in Washington. So how can we, divers, US consumers, get BP’s attention that we are not pleased with their lackluster handling of this mess? How about this – get everyone we can not to purchase any BP products, or use BP locations/stores over the Memorial Day week-end ( 12:01AM Friday May 28 – 12:00 midnight Monday May 31 ) Every one do their plans, go where they are headed to (diving hopefully!) but encourage everyone you can NOT to contribute to BP’s profits for those 4 days. Hope life is treating you well otherwise

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