ScubaRadio 12-31-16 HOUR2

This hour the makers of Reef Safe announce a trade in campaign that allows dive shops to save and upgrade the sunscreen they sell. Plus Psychic Mermaid Valentina gives her diving predictions for 2017. Looking for HOUR1?

ScubaRadio 12-24-16 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster gets a report on diving with Killer Whales from Mermaid Christina. Plus Santa Bob Evans from Force Fins and author-Eric Douglas share last minute Christmas gifts ideas. Looking for HOUR2?

ScubaRadio 12-24-16 HOUR2

This hour Jerry Beaty from Dive Training Magazine reports on the coral reef restoration project in the Cayman Islands. Plus Mehgan-Heaney Grier joins Greg after the season 2 finale of Treasure Quest-Snake Island on the Discovery Channel. Looking for HOUR1?

ScubaRadio 12-17-16 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster gets the crew get together for the annual ScubaRadio Christmas Crapstravaganza. Each member gets on Drunken Santa's lap and shares what they want for their diving Christmas. (WAIA) Looking for HOUR2?