ScubaRadio in Fiji and then Long Beach!

We are currently traveling through Fiji for their Divefest event. We are staying at the Pearl and the Sonasali Resort on the big island and then its off to Savu Savu to spend some time at the Koro Sun and Jean Mitchel Resort. Here all about it on the 5-28-11 edition of ScubaRadio!

From here, we travel to Long Beach CA to check in with our left coast diving friends at the Scuba Show June 5-6…

What an awesome birthday… a little early!

For those of you who don't know it, when we're in Fiji we bounce ahead a day, so yesterday I got to celebrate my birthday a day early.  Thanks to the always entertaining company of Greg the Divemaster and Mermaid Toni, I had a great birthday here in Fiji yesterday as we partied the night away and kicked the music Scubaribbean style at “The Uprising” !  As always I had a great time playing for the locals and other guests here… made lots of new frends and left another ScubaRadio lasting impression on the beautiful main island of Fiji!  Can't wait to hit the water again for some more great dives and of course the Dive Fiesta this weekend!

All dah' best from The Scuba Cowboy!