Christmas in the Caribbean with Aquanauts Grenada!

This Christmas themed video was shot with the new Bonica HDDV underwater camera system 12/6-10/09. Special thanks to Peter and Gerlinda at Aquanauts Grenada for making our first adventure on the island just amazing. The video only scratches the surface of what the “Spice” island truly offers, but you'll see we had a blast! Check out the 12-12-09 edition of ScubaRadio for more details and go to for booking information. Our next trip to Grenada won't come soon enough!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Grenada video. I listened to your podcast just 3 days ago too. Thanks for the extra shirt. Loved the purchased hat too. Lots of sirenas(mermaids) back home on Guam. Wow, a peaceful and beautiful Grenada, since we were last involved in the visicious battle there liberating the med students. Take care and happy holidays. Dive safe.

    Tony Cruz

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