2 Replies to “ScubaRadio dives the Vandenberg”

  1. This is an excellent video. Loved the quality and the dive. I look forward to making that dive!
    I would like to know what camera/video and lighting equpment you used. I am looking to purchase something for undewatere video.

  2. The Vandenberg is a great dive amd Dive Key West runs an excellent operation.

    I shot that video with a Sanyo 1010 HD camera in a Patima underwater housing. There is a new Sanyo 2000 HD camera that is supposedly even better and can be used in the same housing. Epoque also makes a housing for this camera, which costs even less. Very nice, compact, and economical set up for anyone wanting to shoot high quality 1080p HD footage for under $2000. Call or check out ReefPhoto.com for more details on these products and more.

    Greg The Divemaster

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