I am Dominica, are you?

We've only been back from the Dominica for a few days, but already I miss the beautiful Nature Island!  This was my first Dive Fest with Greg and the mermaids, but I am certain it won't be my last!  To say that we had an incredible adventure would be a HUGE understatement, it was quite simply magical to say the least.  The friendly people, incredible sites and awesome diving are just a few of the things that make this Caribbean jewel shine and I'm already anxious to return to my new second home.  Their new campaign slogan, “I am Dominica, are you?” personifies the feeling that once you have lived and breathed this beautiful paradise, it becomes a part of you as much as you become a part of it.  I was truly inspired to write some new songs about the Nature island, so you can look forward to those in the not so distant future.  In the meantime, keep makin' bubbles and livin' life to the fullest!

All dah' best from The Scuba Cowboy!

P.S. More pictures and videos to come!

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  1. Although I haven’t been there in Dominica but I know, it is really a pretty place. I will surely find way to be there, may a trip and above all, to scuba dive. I am so excited.

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