ScubaRadio 8-8-15 HOUR2

This hour Greg is joined by a blast from his past to talk about the proper way to prepare your lobster and lionfish catch. Plus the Dive God, Neal Watson, talks about how he appeared in a movie actually worse than Sharknado 3! Looking for HOUR1?

Latest Thriller from Eric Douglas features ScubaRadio!

Lyinfish692x1024Eric Douglas has been a good friend and regular guest on ScubaRadio for many years. He's also an exceptional writer and incorporates real-life diving elements and locations into his short stories. We encourage you to check out all of his work. However, his latest release includes characters inspired by the ScubaRadio crew!

It's the ninth story in Eric's Withrow Key series. The backdrop is a bypassed key in the Florida Keys where life moves a little slower and a little weirder. The ScubaRadio crew easily fit into this work of fiction that includes Greg The Divemaster using his Tae Kwon Do skills to take out a bad guy. We told you it was fiction. However, it is pure entertainment and even more so for those familiar with the colorful cast of ScubaRadio!

“Lyin' Fish” is now available through Amazon at a special price! Plus is comes with an excerpt from one of Eric's other excellent reads, Return to Cayman. Order today and enjoy!

Greg The Divemaster in Sharknado 3!

Sharknado3Greg_TaraReid-S3_570x300Entertainment Tonight got it right and the rumors were true!

ScubaRadio's Greg The Divemaster was hired to play a “sweaty Florida tourist” in Sharknado 3 when the production filmed at Universal Studios Florida earlier this year. Theme park security questioned his connection to the production 3 different times during the one day shoot. Never breaking character and nailing the part, they literally thought he was a sweaty Florida tourist!

The first sign Hollywood had come calling was when Greg was spotted in the background of a photo Tara Reid has posted on her Instagram account. The photo then appeared on an Entertainment Tonight segment airing around the world that same week.

Greg had signed a non-disclosure agreement, but the secret was now out.

His standard response to the numerous calls from ScubaRadio friends, family, and fans was; “Out of respect for my fellow actors and dedication to the craft, I have no comment at this time.” (Oh Hell No!)

Sharknado 3 debuted July 22, 2015 and Greg's gag order is now lifted (and we likely won't ever hear the end of it). Check out frames below from Sharknado 3 and see if you can spot Greg next time you watch what many consider “the worst movie ever made!”

Here's Greg The Divemaster's audio tribute to Sharknado 3:

So Greg The Divemaster survived Sharknado 3. Might he return in Sharknado 4? Keep listening to ScubaRadio to find out!

ScubaRadio 8-1-15 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster and friends broadcast from Bugfest 2015 in Lauderdale by the Sea. Special guests include Neal Watcon, Jerry Beaty, Walt DeMartini, Mermaid Everlyn and the crew from Scuba Nation. Looking for HOUR2?