ScubaRadio 3-19-16 HOUR2

This hour the DiveGod checks in to discuss the modified travel restrictions for US citizens to Cuba. Plus does the Triton Artificial Gill Rebreather really exist or is someone yanking our air hose? Looking for HOUR1?

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  1. Greg: Don here, I know you just had Aria on your show and I just got finished listening to your “Triton gill” show. If you have a few hours, I’ll calculate for you the O2 levels found in sea water vs t he O2 requirements of humans (and fish) to prove this device is a hoax- yes you got your hose pulled, but it does look cool.

    Furthermore, as a career submariner who daily made O2 from sea water using the “bomb”, our Oxygen generator- the energy required to break the bonds of H2 and O is massive. The molecular bonds of water simply cannot be broken by a fiber filter or a low pressure centrifuge. It takes a great amount of energy to break H2O into H2 and O2 components. Submarines use high pressure, KOH, and very high amperage electrolysis, Triton should know this is impossible and to crowd fund for an impossible concept is in my opinion fraud. Cool idea, even though impossible. Investing in this concept is like listening to the ocean in North Dakota through a conch shell- you want to believe it but it really doesn’t work out in reality. AAHHOOOGAA, Dive Dive!

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