Dive industry comes together to spotlight solution to 6-pack ring of death!

FindingDory_6-PackRingTuesday June 28 at 5pm members of the diving community came together at Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida.

Good time with Mermaid Neal!The celebration was an attempt to show support and draw attention to a unique new process this small Florida brewery has created that replaces the 6-pack ring of death with an edible and biodegradable alternative. (See the video here)

As divers, we are all to aware of how plastics effect the environment and marine life we love to see. Spotlighting this creative solution may encourage other companies to adopt the process and potentially eliminate a problem that has plagued our oceans and waterways for years.

Many dive industry celebs like Neal Watson, Peter Hughes, and Captain Slate were on hand for the event and to record the July 9th edition of ScubaRadio….or what evolved into “Beer” Radio. 😉

Listen, learn, and spread the word!




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