ScubaRadio 4-8-17 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster reflects on last weeks April Fools prank for ScubaRadios 20 year anniversary. Plus the Executive Director of the History of Diving museum questions whether last weeks stunt has life at their facility. Looking for HOUR2?

Reef Safe Suncare Transitions to 100% Recycled Boxes

** Recycled Boxes Use 90% Less Energy: Creates Negative Carbon Footprint**


Ormond Beach, FL (April 10, 2017) Reef Safe SunCare, a biodegradable sunscreen scientifically proven by Mote Marine Non-Toxic to coral, as well as, proven safe to sea-life and our ocean environment, announced that they have begun the transition from virgin cardboard used in production of packaging their products to 100% recycled boxes. The first recycled boxes will arrive at Tropical Seas Factory around April 28, 2017 and will immediately go into production.

“We are excited to have finally discovered 100% recycled boxes for our products that are made from recycled materials such as: newspapers, magazines, paper, and used cardboard shipping boxes. By making this transition we continue to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability,” commented Dan Knorr, President and CEO of Tropical Seas. “We have been researching recycled boxes for our packaging over the past several years, but until recently could not find the quality, nor a reputable supplier that we felt could withstand scrutiny from the marketing claim – 100% Recycled. After numerous test trials we found that in test after test, the recycled material matched the quality and strength of virgin cardboard. While price is slightly higher than virgin material we feel that it is worth it. After all, how much would it cost to replace our planet?”.

Recycled boxes are also an important weapon in the fight against climate change. More than 25% of all carbon emissions are caused by deforestation or land filling. Every ton of paper recycled prevents one ton of carbon dioxide from entering our environment.

Tropical Seas is dedicated to protecting our environment, as well as, protecting and nurturing our planet's resources by being bluer to meet our environmental goals.

By providing the same or better performance in our products by using recycled and sustainable materials like our bio-resin bottles and now 100% re-cycled boxes, we enhance our customer’s environmental stewardship, and help grow the Blue Energy Trend (B.E.T.).


About Reef Safe SunCare

Reef Safe SunCare, was introduced by Tropical Seas of Ormond Beach, FL, as a sunscreen scientifically proven Non-Toxic to Corals and sea-life as well as biodegrades in oceans, lakes and rivers; thus protecting fragile ecosystems while protecting our skin. Reef Safe sunscreens were subjected to a comprehensive series of independent laboratory tests to support and authenticate marketing claims. The research found that Reef Safe SunCare products did not harm over 200 corals, biodegrade on average in less than 90 days in seawater and freshwater. No evidence of toxicity to microorganisms and other sea life was detected. Research also found that Reef Safe’s waterproof formula allows less than 3% of the product to come off in water, which compares favorably to the estimated 25% of mass-market brand lotions that come off in water.

For more information on Reef Safe SunCare visit, or Follow Reef Safe SunCare on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

ScubaRadio, 20 years and still suckin’ on-air!

In case you missed it, the April 1st 2017 broadcast was a very special show for our ScubaRadio crew. Twenty years ago that day we started the world's first radio show devoted to diving….no foolin'.

However, that didn't keep us from a little foolishness as we offered up the world premier of ScubaRadio, 20 years and still suckin' on-air! This new off broadway production takes you on a trip through ScubaRadio's past, present, and future. It was recorded in front live audience of dive industry dignitaries immediately following the end of the Beneath the dive show in Secaucus New Jersey (off Broadway).

The event was shared with the rest of the world at the end of our 20 year anniversary show. For those with a short attention span, here's a clip that gets right to the good stuff….enjoy!