Tropical Seas, Inc. introduces Hi-tech transparent Non-Nano mineral based sunscreen

Tired of the white, pasty, greasy stuff in a tube? Tired of fighting with your kids trying to apply it? Tired of getting it on your rashguard, dive suit and more? Then we have you covered in a whole new way!

Tropical Seas recognizes a need in the market place for mineral based sunscreens, but did not want to bring one to market unless it was significantly better for our skin and our ocean environment. Scientific data states that Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide are both ocean pollutants that create hydrogen peroxide in warm sea water, thus harming all types of sea life, both plant and animal based. Watch their sedimentation video to see how normal mineral based sunscreens react in sea water.

Beware the TUBE claiming to be Biodegradable & Chemical Free! Chemicals are essential to modern life and whether you acknowledge it or not everything in our lives is chemical based; yes, even mineral based sunscreens. We agree that some more natural than others, but if you look at the chemical analysis of say a blueberry or even a banana you will find that they have naturally occurring chemicals in them.

Chemistry brings exciting new technologies that can help us make existing products even better, and safer than existing technology. So how can we balance the need for technological innovation in sunscreens with the need to protect human health along with the health of our environment?

Out of the box thinking at Tropical Seas has resulted in new technology where we have created Land SharkÔ, a transparent non-nano particle zinc/titanium mineral based SPF 30 polymeric sunscreen that applies virtually transparent! With outside the box innovation we also added iron oxide and mica for a Sun-Kissed, flesh tone version that leaves just a hint of bronze to your skin. View how easily Land Shark rubs into skin here! *Bonus: Land Shark contains O2 Renew Anti-Aging Technology.

By utilizing naturally occurring quartz sand (silica), which is readily available and processed into products, we formulated around a custom non-nano zinc and titanium blend to entrap the mineral sunscreen molecules in the silicone, which allows a natural waterproofing. Only 2.38 % of Land Shark comes off your skin after 80 minutes in the water as opposed to 25% of most other brands. Watch our Land Shark video to view how Land Shark never comes off into the water, even with extreme movement, then compare that to our sedimentation video of standard formulas above. Tropical Seas products stay on your skin – Not in the Ocean!

“When a business dedicates itself to innovative sustainable Research & Development, it is actually enhancing its competitiveness for the future! Tropical Seas, Inc. leads where others follow.”, stated CEO, Dan Knorr.

Tropical Seas / Reef Safe invites you to check out our array of Sun protection products, Land Shark Mineral Based Formulas, Reef Safe Oxybenzone Free Formulas, “Original” Formulas, Eco-Spray Formulas, and Broad Spectrum Formulas.

No matter what your sunscreen formula preference Tropical Seas has you covered.

About Tropical Seas

Tropical Seas, Inc. of Ormond Beach, FL was established in 1988, and is a family owned and operated business. Over the year’s hundreds of our customers have watched our children grow up and come to work with our Crew in our business.

Tropical Seas is known for high quality eco-friendly sunscreens, as well as, quality skin and hair care products. During our career, we have manufactured over 25 million bottles of sunscreen, ranging from mineral based sunscreens for dermatologists (famous ones on T.V.) to Reef Safe Sunscreens for D.O.D. & U.S. Military for Desert Storm Operation.

Our manufacturing operations are based in a state of the art 20,000 sq. ft. free standing manufacturing facility where we blend and process our formulas, and fill and decorate all our packaging for our own products. All Research & Development along with Quality Control / Quality Assurance are also performed in house. You can at take a factory tour here.

For more information on Reef Safe SunCare visit, or Follow Reef Safe SunCare on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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