Join ScubaRadio at 3rd Annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest!

Pure Grenada Divefest
Greg The Divemaster and friends will be participating in all the events and producing that weeks' edition of ScubaRadio from Pure Grenada Divefest 2019! Click here for special deals and to book your adventure on the Spice Island now!

Pure Grenada Dive Fest – 2019 Schedule

28th September 2019 – Beginners Diving Day

29th September 2019 – Launch Party in Carriacou

30th September 2019 – Isle of Reefs Diving Day

1st October 2019 – Environmental Diving Day

2nd October 2019 – Lay Day / Fun Diving

3rd October 2019 – Wreck Diving Day

4th October 2019 – Invasive Lionfish Awareness Diving Day & Closing Ceremony with lionfish dinner