Join ScubaRadio and don’t be late to the Beneath the Sea Dive show this weekend (3/22-24) in Secaucus New Jersey!

ScubaRadio at Beneath The Sea
Mermaid Kristin

Once again, you'll see the ScubaRadio ScubaSquad set up at the entrance to welcome the crowd Saturday morning for the opening of Beneath the Sea dive show at 9. Show up a bit early if you want a shot at some really nice prizes like a full set of NEX Underwater dive gear ($2500 value), cool swag from Divers Alert Network, Shearwater, ScubaRadio and more. We'll have mermaids and music too. So don't be late!

Beneath The Sea

Attendee tip: Take advantage of the amazing dive trips and items in the BTS silent auction during the show. Proceeds support the really great marine programs that BTS supports throughout the year and you might score quite a deal!