ScubaRadio 11-13-21 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster shares the final ScubaRadio plans for DEMA show 2021 in Las Vegas. Plus Pete from ScubaBoard gets questioned about his choice of dive gear. Looking for HOUR2?

ScubaRadio 11-13-21 HOUR2

This hour Giovanna joins the ScubaRadio crew to talk about Force Blue being named the Diving Community Champions for 2021! Plus is there a new dive site named after a ScubaRadio ScubaSquad member? Looking for HOUR1?

ScubaRadio 11-6-21 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster shares an impressive list of prizes for the upcoming DEMA show. Plus Jerry The Diver Guy communicates with his cousin from the great beyond! Looking for HOUR2?