ScubaRadio live studio video feed for 8-8-20.

Here are some links mentioned during the 8-8-20 show:

The all women cave diving expedition in Mexico mentioned by the Shearwater Diver of the week – Rannva Joermundsson:

And here is a link to the gofundme page if you would like to support her teams' efforts:

The Equalizer Lobster Snare

The Moray Dive Light (and noisemaker) Listen to this weeks edition of ScubaRadio for your exclusive BOGO coupon code!

Chiefy – Our Lobster hunting guru

ScubaRadio 8-8-20 HOUR1

This week Greg The Divemaster and friends reflect on their first lobster diving adventure of the season. Plus what lobster hunting tools work best and how the rest of season looks from here. Looking for HOUR2?

ScubaRadio Covid Crustacean Crew slay Florida Lobster Mini Season in 2020!


The Covid Crustacean Crew are 3 three Covid-19 survivors….The Lobster Slayer (Greg The Divemaster), Bugboy (CJ), and The Bug Whisper from the land of the Rising Sun (KOJI). Listen and learn about this unique Florida diving adventure along with the exploits of Jerry The Diver Guy and Captain Walt DeMartini (and his drunken alter egos Gomez and Julio).

Lobster Mini Season ScubaRadio broadcast August 1, 2020 Hour 1

Lobster Mini Season ScubaRadio broadcast August 1, 2020 Hour 2

Equalizer Lobster Snare
The Equalizer was our lobster tool of choice!
Moray Dive Light and noise maker
The Moray Dive Light and noise maker is the perfect accessory for lobster season!