Give the gift of SCUBA. :-)

ChristmasGreg2014No need to fight those crowds at the mall or worrying about getting the right size and color. Scuba certification lessons are the perfect gift! Just stop by your local dive store and purchase a class. We dive in buddy pairs, so you might as well pick up one for yourself as well and enjoy the gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Already certified?….Consider a speciality class to improve your skills or better yet, a ScubaRadio ScubaCruise!

This friendly reminder brought to you by your dive buddies at ScubaRadio…the world's first radio show devoted to diving! 🙂

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Sunscreen Wars….Really?

An alarmist news story about a commonly found ingredient in sunscreens has recently circulated throughout the mainstream media and online.  Touting a “new study” some are questioning the claims of Reef Safe and the biodegradable suncare products they have been providing divers for years. Here is what you should know as opposed to the fear mongering spewed by would be competitors.

Sunscreen Wars

Reef Safe Suncare – Fact or Fiction

Visibly shows the difference of sedimentation of Brand “X” Titanium Dioxide and Brand “X” Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Lotions VS. Reef Safe Biodegradable SPF 50+ Lotion.

Note: Reef Safe SPF 50+ has almost twice the SPF value of the Titanium or Zinc lotions.


This experiment conclusively documents that in comparison to Reef Safe, Brand “X” Titanium Dioxide and Brand “X” Zinc Oxide Sunscreens, leave substantial sediment in our aquatic environments, thus are considered ocean pollutants.

For More Information on this experiment, click here!

For More Information on Reef Safe Sun & Skin Care, click here!

ScubaRadio on Radio America!

September 9 2015

Press Release:

Now airing on

Our shows have enjoyed an impressive ammount of media exposure over the past year. An article in USA Today, a new book, and Sharknado 3 just to name a few. Radio stations across the US have taken notice and we are pleased to announce a new agreement with Radio America to handle satelitte distribution and affiliate relations for ScubaRadio, World of Boating, and Just Plane Radio.


The first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to diving.ScubaRadio  ScubaRadio's mission is to promote all forms of diving and to keep current divers active by presenting useful dive information spiked with a little attitude and irreverence. Listeners have called it radio's answer to Shark Week! ScubaRadio broadcasts live on Radio America every Saturday from 3-5pm EST and then is archived as a podcast for online listening worldwide.


World of BoatingThe first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the boating lifestyle. Each week the WOB crew navigate the latest boating news and information as listeners call in with questions and stories about their experiences on the water. World of Boating broadcasts live on Radio America every Saturday from 2-3pm EST and then is archived as a podcast for online listening worldwide.


Just Plane RadioThe first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the aviation lifestyle and learning how to fly. Imagine the hosts sitting in an airport hangar chatting about a wide variety of aviation issues, including the relatively easy process and freedom associated with becoming a private pilot. Just Plane Radio broadcasts live on Radio America every Saturday from 11-Noon EST and then is archived as a podcast for online listening worldwide.


Greg Holt – Host/President of Overboard Entertainment, Inc. states, “Joining forces with Radio America creates the largest expansion opportunity we've had to date. Combined, our unique shows spotlight a Jimmy Buffett type of lifestyle that is attractive on many levels. The more people we reach, the brighter it shines!”

Radio America is excited to be teaming up with Greg Holt and his unique brand of adventure radio. ScubaRadio, World of Boating, and Just Plane Radio are a great mix of entertainment and information and appeal to a broad range of listeners from enthusiasts to those that are just curious. They are engaging, lifestyle programs with revenue potential for our stations, which makes them a great fit in our weekend lineup,” says Mike Paradiso C.O.O. for Radio America.

Radio America broadcasts on multiple platforms (terrestrial and internet) throughout the United States and serves oRadioAmericaLogo_300ver 500 stations, the American Forces Radio Network and Sirlus/XM Satellite Radio. Since their inception in 1985, Radio America has received numerous awards, such as the New York International Radio Festivals Gold and Silver medals, the ABA Silver Gavel, the Gabriel Award, and awards from Ohio State and the Freedom Foundation.

ScubaRadioWorld of Boating and Just Plane Radio are produced by Overboard Entertainment, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Providing adventure lifestyle radio programming since 1997.
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